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BAMS Government Jobs

BAMS is an acronym which stands for Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. It is an integrated degree offered in the medical field. Best suited for students who want to pursue their education in traditional and modern medicines. In order words, BAMS is a mix of traditional Ayurvedic disciplines with the current medical trends. The completion of this degree takes anywhere in between 5 to 6 years, based on your performance. The course covers different sections like anatomy, physiology, the principle of surgery, the principle of medicines, botany, toxicology, pharmacology and forensic medicine.

Career and Job Prospects

Over a period of time, it has been seen that more people have developed trust in the abilities of traditional Ayurveda to heal their problems and diseases. In cases where the allopathic system does not work and heal the disease, people often take the route of Ayurveda, to do the magic that allopathy wasn’t able to do.

After completion of the course, candidates can apply to work for the central and state government. The registered candidates get a chance to work in the Field of Ayurveda Medicine, anywhere in the country. The placement and the location depending upon the requirement and vacancies, each particular region. Apart from this, candidates can also look out for various other options available in the field of BAMS. They can get into clinical research which is getting bigger and better day by day. With multinational companies opening their research centers in India, there are a bunch of different opportunities for aspirants to work in the field of clinical research.

Jobs in Government Sector

Public sector offers a bunch of opportunities for BAMS graduates to work. Organizations like government hospitals, colleges, pharmaceutical labs and so many other, frequently hire new recent graduates in the field of clinical research, educational institutions and healthcare facilities. They can also work as duty doctors in various different hospitals.

In addition to the above-stated options, they can work for different global organizations like WHO and other NGO’s. Some of the government jobs after BAMS course are as follows.

  1. Assistant Medical Officer (Ayurveda)
  2. Assistant Medical Officer (Siddha)
  3. A Pharmacist at Government Hospitals
  4. A pharmacist at Government Ayurveda Dispensaries
  5. Teaching in Ayurveda Institutions
  6. Teaching at Government Colleges

Teaching at Government Colleges after BAMS

BAMS graduates can also opt to be a professor at their regional government colleges. They can easily find a job in many different reputed colleges all around the country. With so many colleges in India, that offers graduates course in BAMS, they are always on the lookout to hire young and new talent, to prepare the batch of next talented BAMS graduates.

In addition to this, if you are someone who has a masters’ degree in medicine and surgery, then it becomes relatively simple to get a job, at different reputed colleges or universities. It is one of the best career opportunity to be thought of.

Wrapping Up

The demand for BAMS graduates has been on the rise ever since. With the high use of herbal and Ayurvedic products in the country and around the world, have brought in the demand for BAMS students. This is one of the main reason, for which the government is spending and encouraging the course so much. Not only nationally, but candidates are also in demand by the foreign countries. The scope for BAMS is bright and this field is here to stay for a long time. So if you are looking for promising career opportunities, BAMS can certainly be a good option to select.